Scacce are a typical street food of Modica and Ragusa (eastern Sicily). They tend to have a rustic shape as all true street-food tends to have and comes in a variety of fillings. Scacce resembles a lasagna, with its thin layers of pastry, stuffed with a delicious array of local savoury ingredients. 


Scaccia comes from the word Focaccia, this treat is all about reaching the perfect filling-to-dough ratio, with its gooey filling often spilling out of the bread and the crispy corners that will give you the perfect balance. Fit to be in the hall of fame of Sicilian culinary masterpieces. It is also one of the most delicious things you’ll eat while visiting this area of Italy. 


Disclaimer: The only problem is that, like all Sicilian street food, it’s addictive. You’ve been warned.



  • Date: Saturday, July 3rd

    Time: 10am US EST

    Duration: 2 hrs

    Location: Online zoom class (we'll email you the link)

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