Let’s talk about this seriously... The idea of ​​serving a pasta dish with mussels and pecorino cheese might initially seem a bit odd, for some even shocking (true story). But rest assured that the combination of these two strong and distinct flavors is kinda perfect. 


Mussels with their very mild “ocean” flavor and a faintly sweet, mushroom-like undertone, are so versatile that they can turn any simple mid-week meal into a fancy dinner party. Combined with the strong, assertive, salty pecorino cheese they create a unique balance and a depth of flavour you’ll definitely remember. This will be a very surprising first course if you haven’t tried it yet.


Pasta with mussels and pecorino is a true interregional dish. That is the natural evolution of traditions that spread into every region where mussels are eaten by the sea and pecorino is produced not too far away. That is literally in almost all of Italy from the Romagna region downwards.


Creamy but delicate, but also quite sharp and fragrant at the same time. Everyone agrees that the marriage between mussels and pecorino is a harmonious, exquisite one. In short, a real highlight for your tastebuds. 


Pro tip: For this recipe finding the best quality of mussels you can, will absolutely make a difference so definitely splurge on this.



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