No sicilian breakfast is complete without a brioche and granita. When temperatures begin to rise in the summertime, a fresh granita to start the day will give you that necessary sugar rush to start a hot sicilian summer day the right way, the warm brioche is just a bonus!


Granita is a type of slush made with just water, sugar and often, fruit. It is a difficult thing to explain as it has a unique consistency, it’s not icy or grainy, and it’s not smooth either, but it holds it’s consistency the time you take it from the cup to your mouth and then it melts instantly in your mouth. It is just so simple and flavorful, so creamy but so light too. The brioche is a fluffy and light sweet bun that smells like heaven, it’s also commonly eaten with gelato too. You can dip your brioche into the granita, eat them side by side or spoon your granita on the brioche, no wrong way to do it.


A true sicilian institution! You can get anything like this anywhere in the world.


The process to make the buns can be a bit lengthy, but it’s definitely worth the hassle. Wanna give it a try?



  • Date: Saturday, July 10th
    Time: 3pm Us EST

    Duration: 2 hr

    Location: Online zoom class (we'll email you the link)

    Max pax: 15

    Price: 30$