This iconic sicilian dish is an essential component of a true italian summer. Pronounced ka.puh.naa.tah, it is a very serious topic in Sicily. 


Truth is though, that when you travel to the south of Italy, be prepared to taste at least thirty versions of this rich and flavorful dish. It is commonly served as an appetizer or a side dish. The best part of it all is that it's a great make-ahead dish, it is actually more delicious the next day when it has been laying around for a few hours. The flavour will intensify and served over crusty bread is just amazing. 

We have decided to serve this important sicilian dish with one of our favorite types of flatbread CHAPATI! We learned to make chapati on our trip to India. It’s crispy, easy to fill with caponata, then to fold and eat! 


The perfect combination, ready to try?



  • Date: Thursday, July 1st 

    Time: 5pm US EST

    Duration: 1.5 hr

    Location: Online zoom class (we'll email you the link)

    Max pax: 15

    Price: 30$