This popular roman dish is the perfect recipe for a midweek treat! This creamy pasta dish is the comfort food you were craving and didn’t even know yet, combining Pecorino Romano, lots of black pepper and a few spoons of the pasta cooking water can make magic happen. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the ingredient list, it is a bit tricky to get ‘perfect’ but once you master it together with us you’ll be able to enjoy a traditional recipe straight from the beautiful city of Rome. 


Literally translating into ‘cheese and pepper” cacio e pepe is a staple of italian culture. During this class we will take you step by step into the world of Roman tradition, and help you create this delicious sauce, give you tips to cook your “dry pasta” the best way and assemble this dish like a pro. 


Are you ready for this decadent pasta dish?


  • Date: Wednesday, June 9th 2021

    Starting Time: 5 pm US EST

    Duration: 1 hr

    Location: Online zoom class (we'll email you the link)

    Max pax: 15

    Price: 20$